AIXAM Safety

20 years of crash tests

Aixam has all of its models certified based on the latest standards in effect in the European Union. Since 1988, Aixam has subjected all of its models to crash tests. While not required by regulations, these tests are used to ensure and maximize passenger safety.

This extra precaution means that Aixam customers drive safe, comfortable vehicles with the greatest peace of mind. To further enhance this aspect, Aixam takes into consideration both active and passive safety measures for all of its cars.


ACTIVE Safety Measures

This means the ability to avoid accidents based on roadworthiness and driver assistance devices, as well as achieving flawless handling so that the vehicle instantly and comprehensively obeys all of its driver's commands. Aixam's product lines feature top-quality equipment : wide-vision windscreens, a high-efficiency windscreen defroster, a 3rd brake light enhanced with automatic activation of the emergency flashers in the event of a sudden stop, LED running lights, halogen headlights, a lowered centre of gravity, brake apportioning valve, wheel spacing increased, etc.


PASSIVE Safety Measures

These consist of providing maximum insulation and protection for vehicle occupants in the event of a collision. To achieve this, Aixam engineers draw on the full range of technical solutions : front-end, side and rear-end crash tests, reinforced seat belt anchors, 2-notch safety locks, and a fuel tank made of high-strength polyethylene. For the ultimate requirement we are the only ones to use « an extruded aluminium structure with a wide diameter ». The front ends of Aixam chassis frames include crumple zones to dampen the effect of an impact. Based on the reinforcing components used in its construction, the passenger compartment acts as a protective shell. Both the driver and passengers are thus assured of maximum protection.
The body is designed using the most modern and technologically advanced materials. The ABS composite used is absorption-dyed, multi-layered and fully recyclable, offering first-rate aesthetics that last for many years. And all this does not take into account its mechanical features for absorbing shocks. In addition, this substance reassumes its shape following dents and dings, leaving no deformations and requiring no repair.
Aixam cars have achieved an exceptional level of safety performance, making this feature unique in and of itself.
Aixam ABS system
The ABS system will be GTO standard equipment: the Anti-locking Braking System, allows the control of the trajectory to avoid obstacles in case of emergency. Braking distances are shortened and the handling ability is strengthened on every types of ground and in any weather circumstances. An emergency operation, a slippery ground, the snow or a downgraded coating can cause a loss of adhesion of the tires, resulting in a delicate or impossible control. The ABS can avoid this.


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